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Fashion Police 3, 2010
Vivan Cooper Smith Beginnings #1, 2011
Frederic Bates, Late Lights 1963
Naomi Ullmann, Snowdomes
Jenny Tubby, Octagonal Rooms
Ron Lambert, Stand Up Close
Brittany Rayner, Fractured Family 2011
Beryl Brierley, The Emu int he Milky Way, 2009
Jin Sha, Conversation with Durer, 1994
F C Terry View of the Bulli Pass, South Coast, 1863
Victor Vasarely
Simon Blau
Sally Kidall, The Grass is Always Greener, 2012
Libby Bloxham
Arthur Apanski, Excess and hope for little Ethan, 2012
Edith Kouto, A Snapper up of Unconsidered Trifles